Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Make Your Own Sea Monkey Food

For decades, I was known far and wide as the Sea Monkey Killer. Over a year ago, I bought my daughter a Sea Monkey kit. Not just any kit, either...it was Sea Monkeys on Mars. I was determined to give those little fellows the best environment possible and to break my Sea Monkey Serial Killer streak.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet (mostly Google, of course), I was able to determine that the instructions that come with the little pink guys aren't ideal: the Sea Monkeys only need to be fed about once a week. Any more is too much food, and over time it builds up in the water and suffocate them. 

Armed with this new, important information, I doled out a small scoop once a week, and the result has been many happy, healthy generations of Sea Monkeys on Mars! They're still going strong...it will be two years this Christmas!

The little packet of food that came with the kit doesn't last forever, though, and I wasn't fond of paying to have another tiny packet of food shipped to us if I could find something we already had that would work. A couple of years ago, I bought some Spirulina capsules after reading about their health benefits. I have been taking them since, and they work well as a diet supplement for me. It's worth some research and a discussion with your doctor if you think they might be beneficial for you, too! However, they're definitely good for Sea Monkeys, and are the exact same thing that comes in their starter kit, but in pill form. 

To make your own Sea Monkey food, you'll need:
- Spirulina (It comes as a powder or capsule, if you get the powder, that's all you need.)
If you get the capsules, you will also need:
- A saucer 
- A flat-bottomed glass or cup
- A small, lidded storage container

To make the food, simply place a few tablets into the saucer, and mash them with the glass. 

Pour the powder into your storage container, and use this as your food going forward. 

I've been using this for two months now, and my little Martian colony is thriving!


  1. Thank you so much for your intelligence on Sea monkey feedings my son asked me for a pet and at the toy store asked "what are these monkeys that live in water?" And I became just as curious as him so we bought them and I just put the water purifier in and saw the packet of food thinking what am I going to give them when this runs out? So informative you saved me from wiping tears. Thank you so much :)